One of the Top 25 Women in the Metaverse

Imagine being able to experience things you could only dream of. Artsy is redefining luxury as a Social VR Architect in virtual reality!


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Making dreams a virtual reality...

Bring your vision to life. Virtual reality is an immersive experience. It's a new way to engage your clients, audience and customers. You dream it and I build it. I translate your wildest dreams into beautiful, functional spaces that can be visited from anywhere in the world.

3D Designer, VR World Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Serial Entrepreneur.

I am a passionate and prolific 3D artist specializing in Architecture and Interior Design for virtual reality platforms. I have an extensive portfolio of work that is designed to be enjoyed with other people. This provides my clients and their community with the ability to live out their dreams in a fully immersive world.

I’ve designed/3D Modeled over 220 virtual reality environments and there are over 5,500 community-owned worlds utilizing my templates for their events. With just 2 years under my belt in the VR industry, I have created a successful brand and a thriving community. As a pioneer of luxury in VR, I have paved the way for other creators to monetize their talents on various platforms through mentorship.

Virtual Reality allows you to experience the Universe in a way that is impossible to replicate in physical reality. The only limitation here is your imagination. (And maybe some polygons, haha)

Panels & Podcasts I've been on include: Essencefest 2022 Tech Summit, Black Tech Nola, Subsume Summit, WebXR Design Summit, Black Tech Futures, Black in Meta, DreamlandXR, Female Disruptors, Simulation Nation, XR Women Wednesday, BRCVr Tech & Spirituality, Sarah Appleby Radio, Meta In Black, SCREENxSCREEN.